Administrative Contact Directory

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List of Administrative Contacts
Name Position Department Phone Location
Brian Abbett Director Transportation 972–487–4938 TRAN
Dr. Ramona Aguilar Director Family & Community Engagement 972–487–4056 PDC
Ruby Armstrong Director Guidance & Counseling 972–487–3194 HHL
Dr. Rene Barajas Deputy Superintendent of Business Business Services 972–487–3101 HHL
Mark Booker Director Purchasing 972–487–3009 HHL
Ken Brinkley Director Technology - Enterprise Communications 972–487–4901 TCN
Gradyne Brown Director Human Resources - Secondary 972–487–3077 HHL
Dr. Doug Brubaker Associate Superintendent Division of Administration 972–487–3041 HHL
Debra Buchanan Executive Director Special Education 972–487–3300 HHL
Linda Burleson Area 7 Director Area Directors 972–487–3157 HHL
Dr. Kim Caddell Director Research, Assessment & Accountability 972–487–3206 HHL
Dr. Linda Chance Deputy Superintendent of Instruction Instructional Services 972–487–3023 HHL
Lisa Cox President Garland ISD Education Foundation 972–487–3253 HHL
Dr. Rhonda Davis Director Special Programs 972–487–3177 HHL
Dr. Wendy  Eldredge Area 2 Director Area Directors 972–487–3007 HHL
Joel Falcon Executive Director Division of Facilities & Maintenance 972–487–4101 PAG
Janine Fields Area 1 Director Area Directors 972–487–3007 HHL
Donald Friedel Assistant Director Purchasing 972–487–3009 HHL
Dr. Phil  Gilbreath Director Career and Technical Education 972–487–3170 HHL
Paul Gonzales Director Maintenance 972–494–8351 PAG
Justin Graham General Counsel Legal Services 972–487–3026 HHL
Dr. Ron Griffen Area 5 Director Area Directors 972–487–3157 HHL
Ben Guerrero Coordinator Architectural Services 972–487–4109 PAG
Babetta Hemphill Executive Director Student Services 972–494–8255 SSC
Mechelle Hogan Clerk to Board 972–487–3023 HHL
Denise Holmes Director Tax Office 972–494–8570 TAX
Dr. Gerald Hudson Area 3 Director Area Directors 972–487–3160 HHL
Jess Hudson Director Geographic Information System 972–487–4109 HHL
Dale Huse Coordinator Architectural Services 972–487–4109 PAG
Homer Johnson Executive Director Athletics 972–494–8588 WS
George Jones Director Fine Arts 972–487–3174 HHL
Carra King Director Intervention 972–487–3160 HHL
John King Director Risk Management 972–494–8382 PSRM
Pat Lamb Director Security 972–487–4110 PAG
Stan Maige Director Enterprise Technology Services 972–487–3699 TCN
Steve Martin Internal Auditor 972–487–3109 HHL
Janet McDade Executive Officer to the Superintendent Superintendent 972–487–3007 HHL
Dr. Mida Milligan Director Curriculum 972–487–3017 HHL
Dr. Bob Morrison Superintendent 972–487–3023 HHL
Maureen Murphy Director Human Resources - Information Systems 972–487–3956 HHL
Cliff Odenwald Director Athletics 972–494–8588 WS
Open Executive Director Division of Communications & Public Relations 972–487–3256 HHL
Open Assistant Superintendent Division of Human Resources 972–487–3050 HHL
Nelson Orta Director Professional Development 972–487–3385 HHL
Boyd Pace Coordinator Printing Services 972–494–8580 PSRM
David  Pate Director Finance 972–487–3103 HHL
Gilbert Prado Director Budget 972–487–3969 HHL
Jasmine Preston Coordinator Web Services 972–487–3265 HHL
Steve Reeves Oracle Technology Manager Oracle Technology Group 972–487–3951 HHL
Keith Reimer Energy Specialist Business Services 972–487–3963 HHL
Delbert Richardson Coordinator GRS-TV Studio 972–240–2067 LCHS
Dr. Angel Rivera Area 6 Director Area Directors 972–487–3156 HHL
Jim Ross Director Human Resources - Auxiliary 972–487–3071 HHL
Zaida Saldivar Director English Language Learners 972–487–4523 PDC
Dr. Butch Sloan Chief Instructional Technology Administrator Information Systems 972–487–3684 HHL
Cheryl Slough Administrator Payroll & Benefits 972–487–3130 HHL
Gayle Smith Area 4 Director Area Directors 972–487–3156 HHL
Javier Solis Liaison to the Hispanic Community Community Liaisons Office 972–487–3262 HHL
Bradford Trudeau Director Student Nutrition Services 972–494–8322 PAG
Tanya Vargas Director Human Resources - Elementary 972–487–3065 HHL
Tiffany Veno Director Communications 972–487–3258 HHL
Laurie Vondersaar CIO Technology 972–487–4901 TCN
John  Washington Assistant Superintendent Division of Student Services & Community Relations 972–487–3250 HHL
Dr. Jovan  Wells Associate Superintendent Division of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment 972–487–3151 HHL
Mary Whitt Liaison to the African American Community Community Liaisons Office 972–487–3261 HHL
John  Wilborn Director Curtis Culwell Center 972–487–4700 SPEC
Maggie Willis Director Health Services 972–487–3268 HHL