Fire Reel Film Festival

Fire Reel 2017 winners.

Congratulations 2016/2017 Winners!

People’s Choice Award - Mia TPSP Kimberlin Project

Best Student Documentary – Messi

Best Class Documentary - Where I’m From

Best Elementary Animation - The Crash to Earth

Best Secondary Animation - The Bouncing Ball

Best  Elementary PSA/Infomercial - Classy Not Trashy

Best Secondary PSA/Infomercial - Possibilities Informational

Best Elementary Drama - When Ghosts Kidnap Your Teacher

Best Secondary Drama - One Last Time

Elementary Weekend Challenge - Lisa Karr Reporter

Secondary Weekend Challenge - The Legend of Lisa Karr

Best Student Comedy - The Hipster

Best Class Comedy - The Graduation Crew

Video Announcement Challenge - Dorsey Morning Announcements

Fire Reel Award - Lakeview Centennial High School

Film of the Year - Pawsibilities Informational


2016 Entries

Film TitleYouTube Link
2 Weeks Later
A Catching iPad Phrase
A Different Angle
A jubilant equivalence
Chronicles of a Failure
Classy, NOT Trashy
Day to Night
Discovering Soil Types
Dorsey's Morning Announcements 2016
Evolution of an Animation
Formula for girls
FRFF Commercial
Friends Coming Together
Good Morning Beaver Tech
Guarding Our Crystalline Galaxy
How Do You Feel?
Keeley News Network
KWTV Morning Announcements 12/16
Life at Keeley
Lisa Karr Reporter
Lost & Found
Loud and Proud
Marker's revenge
Mia TPSP Kimberlin Project
Miranda's Coffee Addiction
My School and Class
Night of the Living Dead
One Last Time
Possibilities informational
Problems with the School
Red vs Blue
Ryder's Water Conservation PSA
Sassy Minny Cakes
Scoop the Poop!
Tag You're It
The Best Way to Cure Boredom
The Bouncing Ball
The Crash To Earth
The Date
the graduation crew
The High Schoolers
The Hipster
The Legend of Lisa Karr
The Rebirth of Ninja Potato
The Unstoppable Sister
Typical Angsty Teenage Superhero
When Ghosts Kidnap Your Teacher
When Zombies Steal Your Teacher
Where I'm From*

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