New administration to welcome students back to school

Several new principals and assistant principals will greet students as they return to school this year. A list of recent appointments is below. 


Armstrong Elementary School - Brandy Schneider

Austin Academy for Excellence - John Fishpaw

Beaver Technology Center for Math & Science - Shannon Trimble

Bullock Elementary School - Brian Trichell

Caldwell Elementary School - Raelyn Scroggin

Cisneros Prekindergarten School - Andy Kiser

Club Hill Elementary School - Spencer Hughes

Cooper Elementary School - Bobbie Carter

Garland High School - Holly Frantz

Gilbreath-Reed Career and Technical Center - Erika Crump

Handley Elementary School - Aishley Cohns

Heather Glen Elementary School - Melissa True

Hickman Elementary School - Kara Onken

Hudson Middle School - Carmen Blakey

Lyles Middle School - Adam Varassi

Montclair Elementary School - James Iorio

Naaman Forest High School - Herbert O'Neil

Park Crest Elementary School - Andrea Kleckner

Parsons Prekindergarten Center - Disa McEwen

Pearson Elementary School - James Howard

Roach Elementary School - Aurora Trichell

Rowlett High School - Coleman Bruman

Stephens Elementary School - Jeffrey Waller

South Garland High School - Steven Ewing

Assistant Principals:

Austin Academy for Excellence - La Keisha Rider

Bullock Elementary School - Krista McClure

Bussey Middle School - Christi Brewer

Cisneros Prekindergarten School - Yvette McClard

Classical Center at Brandenburg Middle School - Kenneth Pearce

Classical Center at Vial Elementary School - Roberto Diaz

Cooper Elementary School - Shannon Brown

Coyle Middle School - Barbara Springs

Davis Elementary School - Vicki High

Ethridge Elementary School - Michael Gonzalez

Freeman Elementary School - Jodi Newman

Garland High School - Duke Barnett

Gilbreath-Reed Career and Technical Center - Clinton Elsasser

Herfurth Elementary School - Leah Morgan

Houston Middle School - Patricia Zapata

Hudson Middle School - Sean Haskins

Hudson Middle School - Melissa Torrence

Jackson Technology Center for Math & Science - Mary Johnston

Keeley Elementary School - Patrick Beacham

Lister Elementary School - Sharonda Brown

Lyles Middle School - Ron Anthony

Naaman Forest High School - Robert Quach

North Garland High School - Donna Hutcheson

North Garland High School - Jeremiah Oliphant

O'Banion Middle School - Jocelyn Charbonneau

Park Crest Elementary School - Vanessa Huff

Parsons Prekindergarten Center - Pamela Edwards

Rowlett High School - Kimberly Thomas

Rowlett High School - James Sellers

Sachse High School - Amber Hope

Schrade Middle School - Ryan Upchurch

Shorehaven Elementary School - Sheri Taylor

Shugart Elementary School - Debra Nix

South Garland High School - Adrian Leday

Southgate Elementary School - Val Spears

Steadham Elementary School - Candi Goodwin

Stephens Elementary School - Wendy Bailey