Strategic Plan

Garland ISD: Strategic Plan Goals

Exceptional education has long been the focus of Garland ISD—an experience that provides rigorous instruction, technological innovation, college and career preparation, and meaningful relationships between schools, families and the community.

With this end in mind, the district developed a Strategic Plan to guide the 2014-18 school years. Students, staff, parents, business leaders, clergy members, city officials and more collaborated throughout its creation.

The document includes a call to action and a set of shared beliefs, as well as a vision of student success and the skills needed to achieve it.

Strategic Plan document

Download the entire Strategic Plan document with details about each goal and the action steps in pdf format.


The Garland Independent School District exists as a diverse community with a shared vision that serves to provide an exceptional education to all its students.


Reaching the future by driving excellence, one student at a time.


We believe that...

  • quality education promotes collaboration, adaptability, goal-setting, critical thinking, and innovation.
  • successful learners need the support of not only parents, but the entire community.
  • all students deserve equal access to quality educational resources.
  • our students will excel through real-world, hands-on investigations helping to define individual pathways in life.
  • as a community we will provide a safe and balanced learning environment for each child socially, mentally, physically, and academically.
  • the needs of all students will drive every district decision because all children can excel in their learning.
  • fostering a foundational approach builds learning skills to help students thrive in a global economy.
  • uniqueness of all stakeholders' cultures, beliefs, and abilities is recognized, championed and celebrated by our district.
  • building and maintaining collaborative relationships is the cornerstone of our tradition-rich district.

Learner profile

  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication
  • Adaptability
  • Technology Skills
  • Perseverance
  • Collaboration
  • Literacy Skills
    • Reading
    • Finance

Learner outcomes

  • Upon graduation, each student will have the necessary skills, based on the district's learner profile, to enter his/her chosen pathway.
  • Each student will demonstrate critical thinking skills to solve real-world problems.
  • Each student will develop individual goals thus creating a pathway for his/her success.
  • Each student will participate in a learning environment demonstrating the ability to confidently express his/her ideas and opinions.
  • Each student will demonstrate measurable academic growth, in each subject area, per year.
  • Each learner will understand his/her opportunities in society and what it takes to be a productive citizen.
  • Each learner will understand the relevance of what and why he/she is learning.