Elementary Gifted and Talented (G/T) magnet program

The elementary academies at Hillside, Kimberlin, and Walnut Glen offer a differentiated curriculum designed for the academically gifted learner. Content in language arts, social studies, math, and science are presented with a greater depth and complexity, requiring higher-level thinking. Additionally, the math curriculum is accelerated to meet learner needs. As a fine arts magnet, art classes are provided to all children. Students identified with fine arts talents are provided with enriched art and/or music lessons. Strings instruction is offered to all fourth and fifth graders.


Academic gifted students

  • Submit online application
  • 90 percentile+ on state-approved achievement tests
  • 90 percentile+ on state-approved ability test
  • Additional measures

Artistically or musically talented students

  • Submit online application
  • participate in annual auditions for the program

Please call the GT office for a testing time and audition time for Elementary Applications at 972-487-3193.

For more information

Hillside Academy for Excellence

Kimberlin Academy for Excellence

Walnut Glen Academy for Excellence

Coordinator of Gifted and Talented Education

Application for elementary Gifted and Talented magnet

The gifted program online application is available for students who were unable to apply by the December 5th deadline.