GISD Magnet Programs

New Magnet Program
School of Global Business, Language & Leadership

Beginning with the 2014-15, GISD will offer a new secondary magnet program at Sellers Middle School and Naaman Forest High School. Program details can be found on the Middle School Global Business and High School Global Business magnet program pages.

Magnet schools feature special programs not offered at other schools. In Garland ISD, there are twelve magnet schools for a variety of students: gifted/talented students, students with a high interest in math, science, and technology, students interested in classical studies, and students focused on college and career preparation.


All GISD magnet programs require prospective students to meet specific criteria to enroll. While a limited number of spaces are reserved at each magnet campus to accommodate neighborhood students, admission to a given magnet program is by application only. Once a student is accepted, as long as he/she continues to meet participation criteria, he/she will usually continue with the magnet program from year to year.

For gifted/talented magnets, waiting list placement is determined by rank. In other words, students who have the highest rankings on standardized tests (gifted) or the highest rankings for their portfolio/audition (artistically talented) are placed at the top of the list.

For all other magnet programs, admission of new students and placement on waiting list is by lottery.

Special Services

Special needs students who qualify for magnet programming have access to the same special education services available at other campuses.

Frequently Asked Questions About Magnet Programming

Where can I find general information about the magnet programs?
Information about the magnet program is available on the GISD website and at each magnet campus.
How is information about the magnet programs disseminated? How do interested parents and students learn more about a specific program?
Information is disseminated to parents and students about each magnet program through annual parent information meetings held at the magnet campuses and through each magnet campus.
When are the parent information meetings held? Who may attend?
Parent information meetings for specific programs and grade levels are held during the school year prior to the annual “choice of school” period. Meetings are held for elementary magnet schools from November through February, middle school magnets from December through January and high school magnets from September through October. January Meetings are open to all interested parents and students. Flyers announcing specific dates and times are sent home with students, information is posted on the GISD website as well as the school websites.
I understand that all of the information meetings take place prior to the annual “choice of school” period. If I am planning to have my child apply to one of the magnet programs, do I choose the magnet campus as my “first choice” school?
A new applicant who wishes to attend the magnet portion of an academy and has not been given an acceptance invitation should select a school other than the magnet campus. In other words, you should proceed with the “choice” process with the assumption that your child will NOT be admitted to the magnet program. In the event that your child is accepted, you will be notified by the school, and they will initiate the transfer process.
What are the testing/ application deadlines for GISD students and for students new to Garland ISD or for those attending private or home schools?

Testing schedules are established for the school year for all students attending Garland ISD schools. Testing/application deadlines are distributed at the parent information meetings. Due to financial constraints, “on demand” testing is not available.

I’ve heard that there are slots available for “neighborhood” children to attend the magnet schools. Would my child be eligible to enroll as a “neighborhood” student?

Each year, a limited number of places at the school are reserved for non-magnet students. In the elementary magnets and at Austin Academy (the middle school gifted/talented magnet), the number of neighborhood slots is quite small.

For “neighborhood” slots, preference is given to students living closest to the campus. Therefore, unless you live in the immediate neighborhood of the magnet campus, it is not advisable to choose a magnet school as your first or second “choice” school.

At the secondary level, with the exception of Austin Academy for Excellence, the magnet programs are operated as a “school within a school.” This means that you may choose these campuses during the choice of school process, but you may not enroll in magnet program classes without prior admittance to the magnet program.

Magnet Application

See the Elementary Magnet Timeline or Middle School Magnet Timeline for application process and deadlines and audition dates.

Magnet Application Timeline

The magnet application period for current Garland ISD students is prior to the annual 30-day choice of school period.

Students who are new to Garland ISD may submit application materials at the time of arrival.

Bus Transportation

Students who live two or more miles from their magnet program are eligible for bus transportation. In the case of multiple campuses offering the same magnet programming, parents are advised to contact the Department of Transportation at 972-494-8530 or to confirm the appropriate campus.

GISD Magnet Programs and Locations
Program School(s)
Elementary Classical Magnet [K-5] Classical Center at Vial
Elementary Dual Language Magnet [K-2] Classical Center at Vial
Elementary Gifted & Talented Magnet [K-5]

Kimberlin Academy for Excellence
Hillside Academy for Excellence
Walnut Glen Academy for Excellence

Elementary Math, Science, Technology (MST) Magnet [K-5] Beaver Technology Center
Watson Technology Center
Middle School Classical Magnet Classical Center at Brandenburg
Middle School Gifted & Talented Magnet Austin Academy for Excellence
Middle School Global Business, Leadership, & Language Magnet Sellers Middle School
Middle School Math, Science, Technology (MST) Magnet Jackson Technology Center

High School College & Career Magnet

  • Classical Center Strand
  • Collegiate Academy
  • Law & Criminal Justice
  • Television Production
  • Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)
  • Future Teacher Internship
  • School of Business - Business & Marketing
Lakeview Centennial High School

High School Gifted & Talented Magnet

  • International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • Performing Arts Endorsement (PAE)
Garland High School
High School Global Business, Leadership, & Language Magnet Naaman Forest High School

High School Math, Science, Technology (MST) Magnet

  • Dual Enrollment
  • Video Graphics Technology
  • Engineering
  • Medical Studies
North Garland High School