Emergency Closing Procedures

Emergency Closing Procedures

Should bad weather or emergency conditions impact GISD operations, a decision to cancel or delay school will be made no later than 6 a.m. The following resources are available to ensure accurate and timely information is obtained:

  • Skylert – The district’s telephone notification system is capable of contacting families with school closing information in a matter of minutes. Parents must maintain updated emergency contact information to receive notices.
  • GISD website – An alert will be posted to the homepage of www.garlandisd.net as soon as a closing decision is made.
  • GRS-TV – The district’s television station will communicate school closing information on Channels 98 and 99 on Time Warner Cable, and channels 42 and 43 on Verizon FiOS.
  • Twitter – Follow the district’s Twitter feed “@gisdnews” for cancellations and other news highlights

Local media outlets are also notified with school closing information. Television and radio stations are listed to the right of this page. The large number of public and private schools in the Metroplex can lead to delays before GISD information is aired on external media outlets. District resources should always be consulted first.

What determines if school will be canceled?

The decision to close school is extremely important and is made only after thorough consideration. Several factors are taken into account by district officials while making the decision to hold, or cancel, school because of severe weather:

  • Road safety for students and staff
  • Ability of school buses to travel safely
  • Potential disruptions caused in the home
  • Regional availability of natural gas to heat schools

Weather reports and road conditions are continuously monitored through the National Weather Service, Texas Department of Transportation and local law enforcement agencies. Most times, this monitoring process begins more than 24-hours prior to forecast weather. GISD also maintains contact with neighboring school districts.

District personnel begin driving roads between 3-4 a.m. to determine the degree of iciness and road safety. As information is gathered throughout the early morning, the Superintendent is contacted to discuss conditions throughout the district. If a decision is made to close school, all notification procedures will be in place by 6 a.m.

If schools must be closed, the missed day will be made up later in the year on one of the designated “bad weather” days.

Delayed Openings and Early Dismissals

Due to the "Triple Staggered Schedules," - with high school, middle school, and elementary school students all starting school in the morning and leaving school in the afternoon at different times - Garland ISD AVOIDS both of these situations except in real emergencies.


When it comes to a Delayed Opening, it is very difficult to communicate the varied time schedules that come into play with the "triple staggered schedule" to the public, and coordinate the different time schedules with staff members.

With regards to an unexpected Early Dismissal, it is very difficult to get all of the bus drivers back to work on short notice. (Many of the bus drivers have other part-time jobs between AM and PM bus routes.) The district must also consider the after-school child care arrangements / adult supervision for younger students with working parents or guardians.

TV Stations

FOX - Channel 4
KXAS - Channel 5
WFAA - Channel 8
KDAF - Channel 33
GRS-TV Channel 98 & Channel 99 on Time Warner

Radio Stations

KAAM (770 AM)
KBFB (97.9 FM)
KCBI (90.9 FM)
KDGE (102.1 FM)
KDMX (102.9 FM)
KDXX (1480 AM / 106.7 FM)
KEGL (97.1 FM)
KERA (130 AM / 90.1 FM)
KESS (1270 AM)
KFJZ (870 AM)
KGGR (1040 AM)
KHCK (99.1 FM)
KHKS (106.1 FM)
KHVN (970 AM)
KHYI (95.3FM)
KKDA (104.5 FM)
KLIF (570 AM)
KLTY (94.1 FM)
KLUV (98.7 FM)
KMEO (96.7 FM)
KNON (89.3 FM)
KOAI (107.5 FM)
KPYK (1570 AM)
KRBV (100.3 FM)
KRLD (1080 AM)
KRNB (105.7 FM)
KRVA (1600 AM)
KSCS (96.3 FM)
KSKY (660 AM)
KTCK (1310 AM)
KTCU (88.7 FM)
KTPW (89.7 FM)
KTXQ (94.5 FM)
KVIL (103.7 FM)
KVTT (91.7 FM)
KXEZ (92.1 FM)
KYNG (105.3 FM)
KZMP (101.7 FM)
KZPS (92.5 FM)
WBAP (820 AM)
WRR (101.1 FM)

A Day or B Day?

How does your high school student know which day to prepare for upon returning to school after missing days at a block scheduled campus? The block schedule calendar is set at the beginning of the year and isn't altered when a day is missed due to bad weather.

For example, if the day missed was a B day, then students would return the next day to the regularly scheduled A day. The missed B day would be made up on one of the pre-designated "bad weather" days.