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  • Curriculum and Instruction Curriculum Writing Bootcamp 4-27-15
  • Curriculum and Instruction Curriculum Writing Bootcamp 4-27-15

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Strategic Plan



The Department of Curriculum and Instruction is the hub for teaching and learning in Garland Independent School District. Our goal is to ensure that we provide vision, leadership and expertise in the development of curricular and instructional systems and programs that are research-based, student-centered and address the standards outlined in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) and English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS).

Schoolnet and Curriculum Support

Schoolnet and curriculum support is being offered to teachers and administrators Tuesdays through Thursdays from August 25 through September 17 from 3 p.m.-5 p.m.

Go to the digital professional learning catalog. Search for SNL 2.0 for more information on locations and presenters and to register for as many sessions as you need or wish to attend. For additional information, please contact the C&I office at 972.487.3990.

Curriculum Writing

Based on the goals from the District Strategic Plan, we are currently working on rewriting core content in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade for teachers and staff to access in Schoolnet. We have over 100 teachers engaged in the curriculum writing process that began in the summer of 2014.

Curriculum Previews

We have hosted three curriculum previews for district and campus administrators and classroom teachers to view newly developed curriculum in the Schoolnet platform. At each preview, participants gave feedback and suggestions to assist curriculum writers as they continue to build and refine in preparation for an August 2015 release date.

New Resources

The Instructional Materials Adoption (IMA) for 2015 includes the adoption of new resources and the renewal of some resources already in place. Delivery for newly adopted text resources to campuses will be ongoing through August and September of 2015.

List of materials included in the 2015 IMA


Department Staff
Director of Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Mida Milligan 972-487-3197
Secondary ELA Coordinator (Grades 6-12) Mary Shelton  972-487-3204
Intermediate ELA Coordinator (Grades 3-5) Myra Crump  972-487-3391
Primary ELA Coordinator (Grades PreK-2) Kelley Steinley  972-487-3139
Secondary Mathematics Coordinator (Grades 6-12) Kevin Massey  972-487-3149
Elementary Mathematics Coordinator (Grades PreK-5) Traci Vickery  972-487-3178
STEM Coordinator (Grades K-12) Tina Garrett  972-487-3147
Social Studies Coordinator (Grades K-12) Amy Mount  972-487-3142
LOTE Coordinator  Standra Booker 972-487-3394 
Bilingual Coordinator Aibeth Laugisch 972-487-3990
Health/PE Coordinator Louise Gartrell  972-487-3393
Technology Coordinator (Grades K-12) Dr. Jasna Aliefendic  972-487-3094
Library/Media Services Coordinator Richelle O'Neil  972-494-8230
Digital Media Specialist Dave Burton 972-487-3048
Tech Specialist - Title I Bonnie Martinez 972-487-3042
Grants Specialist Shermika Fluker 972-487-3392
STEM Facilitator Theresa Parisi 972-487-3148
Mandarin Specialist Fang Wang 972-487-3219
Bilingual IST Luz Martinez 972-926-2580
Bilingual IST Karla Chavez 972-487-3990
Bilingual IST Leila Toribio 972-487-3990
Bilingual IST Natalie Castillo 972-487-3490
Bilingual IST Jeff Munoz 972-487-4523
Bilingual IST Maria Regalado 972-487-3990
Bilingual IST Jorge Rodriguez 972-487-4523

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