Choice of School Process

Garland ISD operates under a desegregation order known as the “Freedom of Choice” plan. This plan provides for a 30-day choice of school period during which parents may choose what school they would like their child to attend.  The District does not designate school attendance zones during the 30-day Choice of School selection period. Instead, parents are given the opportunity to make a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd school choice which the district tries to honor.  Denial of school choice occurs when there is overcrowding in the selected school and/or the enrollment would adversely affect the ethnic ratios at the school.

Each year, the annual thirty-day “Choice of School” period is held in the spring semester.   If you have questions about the Choice of School process, make plans to attend one of the information meetings scheduled during December and January.

Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten

Parents/Guardians with children who will be four or five on or before September 1st of the coming school year may begin enrolling their child during the 30 - day Elementary Choice of School period or anytime thereafter for the upcoming year at Student Services or their local elementary school. 

In Garland ISD, Kindergarten classes are full-day classes and Pre-Kindergarten classes are half day classes. There are a limited number of spaces at each campus per grade level; therefore, we encourage parents to enroll their children entering Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten during the Choice of School Period.

Cost-free Pre-kindergarten Program

At designated schools, the District offers a cost-free pre-kindergarten program for children who are four-years old on or before September 1 of each school year. To qualify for the program, the child must be limited English proficient, qualify for the federal free or reduced lunch program, be the child of an active duty military member or one who was killed or injured while on active duty, or be or ever have been in the conservatorship of the Department of Family and Protective Services.
Pre-kindergarten & Kindergarten Information

Language Testing for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten

Parents of Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten children that speak a language other than  English at home will need to have language testing and program placement completed at the time of enrollment.
Bilingual/ ESL Education Information

Magnet Schools

Garland has thirteen campuses that host magnet school programs.  These schools have limited "neighborhood" seats available.  Other students must meet the application requirements and be accepted to the magnet program to attend the school.
Magnet School Information

Magnet and Choice of School Frequently Asked Questions

If I am planning to have my child apply to a magnet program, do I choose the magnet campus as my "first choice" school during the "Choice of School Process?
A new applicant who wishes to attend a magnet program and has not been given an acceptance invitation should select a school other than a magnet campus. You should proceed with the "choice of school process" with the assumption that your child will NOT be admitted to the magnet program. If your child is accepted, you will be notified by the school, and the school will help you with the transfer process.
I've heard that there are seats available for neighborhood children to attend magnet schools. Would my child be eligible to enroll as a "neighborhood" student?
There are a limited number of places reserved at the magnet campuses for non-magnet students. The number of "neighborhood" seats is small. Priority is given to students living closest to the campus. Unless you live in the immediate neighborhood of the magnet campus, it is NOT advisable to choose a magnet school as your first or second "choice" school.

New 2015-2016 Enrollment for Students New to GISD

Students who are new to Garland ISD should review enrollment procedures.

This includes:

  • Students not currently enrolled in GISD
  • Students moving into the district mid-year
  • Students moving into the district prior to the first day of school in August. 

General Enrollment Information

If you are new to the district and need to determine what location is closest to your home, a map of the district is available on the website.

Standardized Dress

In Garland ISD, many schools have adopted a “standardized dress" code policy for their student body.  If your choice of school selection will be influenced by a standard dress code policy, please check with campuses prior to submitting your final choice selections.

Choice of School Contact Information

Enrollment Questions:
Office of Student Services 972-494-8255

Immunization Questions:
Department of Health Services 972-487-3268

Bus Transportation Questions:
Transportation Dept. 972-494-8530
Choice of School Questions:
Student Services/School Choice 972-494-8255

Choice of School Process Flowchart