Academic and CCMR advising

One of the goals of our counselors is to help you succeed in your academic career. See below how we're providing resources to help our students prepare for academic excellence in high school and beyond.

Achieve success in school

Our counselors are here to help you map out your middle and high school plans in the most effective ways. Here are a few services we offer:

  • GPA and school performance advising
  • course planning
  • self-management skills
  • ability and interest assessments

Please reach out to your school counselor for more information.

Prepare for life after high school

GO Centers

Your counselors are available to help you plan for life after high school. GO Centers are where students and parents can find post-secondary education information at high school campuses. Our GO Centers help meet the academic needs of our high school students for a seamless transition between high school and post-secondary options.

Students and parents may visit the GO Center for help with College and Career options, Financial Aid applications and other post-secondary needs. The GO Center is equipped with the necessary technology to assist with college and career goals. Our aim is to have our students college & career ready after graduation and prepared to enter their freshmen year of college or the workforce. 

Take a look at the pages below for information to help you start getting college and career ready:

Higher education resources

We are constantly looking for information to help our students succeed. Use these tools with your counselor to help plan your college career.

High school to college course transferability

Seeking to map out your college plan? See what courses give credit by researching course equivalency. We have compiled a list of resources from local higher education institutes below.

Need more? The Texas Common Core website also provides course equivalency checking.

Common App & Naviance

Learn about common app registration and account matching:

Ask ADVi - The Virtual Texas College Advisor

Visit to get your questions answered about attending Texas public colleges and universities. ADVi is Texas' virtual college advisor and answers your questions using artificial intelligence. 

Use GreenLight to share your records

GreenLight is a program that allows for academic records to be shared and accessed securely and instantly. This can be used to provide student records for:

  • student transfers
  • undergraduate and graduate admissions
  • military enrollment
  • internships
  • scholarships
  • job applications

We highly encourage our students to enroll to use GreenLight so they can share their information anywhere, anytime. Students can sign up at

How to sign up for GreenLight as a parent ( students under 18)

Parent registration is needed for students under 18:

  1. Look up your student's GreenLight enrollment code at by clicking on “I’m a student” and then selecting “I am looking for an enrollment code”.
  2. Copy the enrollment code and click on “I’m a parent/guardian”.
  3. Paste the enrollment code and fill out the other required information to verify your identity.
  4. Follow the prompts to complete your registration.
  5. Make sure your child or children create their accounts on GreenLight at using their enrollment code.