Ashlyn Bickings named Jupiter Chevrolet Teacher of the Month

Jupiter Chevrolet’s Teacher of the Month wrapped vehicle will close out 2015-16 at Freeman Elementary School. Second-grade teacher Ashlyn Bickings won the honors May 12, receiving the surprise in front of her students and principal, Kelly Garcia. 

“I cannot believe my kids did this. It is so sweet," Bickings said. "It is really special that the kids and parents voted for me. It just means a whole lot. I am excited."

Bickings received the final title of the year by winning Jupiter Chevrolet’s monthly Facebook poll. Garcia said the hundreds of nominations she received came from the supportive Hawk community. 

“I was so excited when Ms. Bickings' parents emailed me and told me that they were nominating her for Jupiter Chevrolet's Teacher of the Month," Garcia expressed. "I was also thrilled when I got the phone call that our outstanding teacher won the contest. I am really, really happy for Ms. Bickings and her parents and kids."

Bickings will get to cruise around in the celebratory car for 30 days, which means her victory will extend beyond the last day of school. Although the 2015-16 contest just concluded, a new campaign will kick off in August. Want to see your campus represented and your favorite educator named Teacher of the Month? Keep up with the contest and vote for the next winner on Jupiter Chevrolet’s Facebook page.