Bond 2014: Citizen Bond Committee (CBC)

Garland ISD’s Citizen Bond Committee (CBC) is a group of community members tasked with developing a bond proposal for recommendation to the Board of Trustees.

Knowledgeable of past, present and future district needs, the group’s proposal should support district goals, encourage student success and be acceptable to the GISD community.

June 18

CBC Meeting #1

  • Meeting Processes
  • CBC Charter
  • History of Past Bonds
  • School Finance 101
  • Demographics
July 16

CBC Meeting #2

  • Facilities Assessment
  • New Construction
  • Renovations
  • Technology
  • Safety & Security, Buses
July 30

CBC Meeting #3

  • Finance: Tax Rate Implications of Various Scenarios
  • Bond Ratings; Capacity; Begin Table Deliberations
August 6

CBC Meeting #4

  • Aligned work group; cohesive ownership of the 2014 Citizens' Bond Committee work
  • Table Bond Referendum Review
  • Four Table Deliberations and Whole Committee Decisions
  • Overview of Board Presentation
August 12Board Work Session: CBC Recommendation
August 18Special Board Meeting: Last Day to Call Bond Election