Collaborative project celebrates districtwide art program

The start of 2017-18 marked the completion of Garland ISD’s mission to bring back dedicated art classrooms to all 47 elementary schools. To celebrate that milestone, a districtwide Monster Engine art project traveled through elementary, middle and high schools in the fall. The venture, inspired by renowned teaching artist Dave Devries, allowed students of all ages to express their creativity.

“It was amazing to see artwork created by students from all grade levels,” said Coordinator of Visual and Performing Arts David Sanders. “This was a perfect illustration of GISD’s visual arts program.”

The project tasked elementary school students with creating and drawing monsters. Middle and high schoolers then added their own artistic flair to the original design. Finally, more than 150 monster transformations were put on display at the Full View Visual Arts Celebration—where Devries was a special guest.

“The turnout was phenomenal,” Sanders stated. “Dave Devries was blown away by the scope of the project, the size of the reception and the turnout. He was impressed with our district’s support of the visual arts, the quality, and the dedication of our teachers.”

During the gallery reception, families proudly snapped photos of students next to their works. Students mingled, talked techniques and discussed their pieces. Trustees and administrators congratulated teachers, students and families for the excellent work displayed.

“This was the perfect way to celebrate art on every campus because it highlighted the possibilities of what is to come in GISD,” Sanders expressed. “Our amazing art teachers are already talking about ways they can work with other schools to keep this kind of collaboration alive.”

 Photos courtesy of Dave Burton.