COVID-19 grading guidelines comparison

This chart details the difference in grading guidelines before and during the COVID-19 closure. See the COVID-19 grading expectations page for additional information and frequently asked questions about grading during the closure.

GISD Grading Guidelines

Prior to COVID-19 Closure

During COVID-19 Closure

All students

Number of Grading Cycles

(6 ) 6 Week Cycles

(4) 6 Week Cycles 

Cycles 1-4

(1) 12 Week Cycle

Merged Cycle 5 & 6

Weight of Each Grading Cycle

Equally Weighted

1st Semester 

(3 Cycles Equally Weighted)

2nd Semester

Elementary: 1-4 cycle: 66.67%

5/6 cycle: 33.33%

Secondary: Cycle 4 - 40% and 5/6 - 60%

Weighted Grade Categories

Weights must be assigned to the appropriate categories at the beginning of the year. Weights and

categories should be consistent across the campus and within grade levels as determined by the

building principal.

All grades recorded in the same grade category to ensure consistent weighting

Late Work 

A maximum of ten points per day for up to three days MAY be deducted

After three days, principals may determine whether work will continue to be accepted for a

maximum grade of 70

No late work penalty as long as student submits by May 18th. 

Make-up Work following an absence 

Students have one day for each day of absence to submit make-up work

All make-up work within the 5th/6th grading cycle will be accepted at any time up to May 18, with full credit provided.  

Redone work due  to a failing grade on an assignment

Campus/Teacher/ARD/504 Decision during cycle grade was originally due

Highest grade will be recorded for any assignments during this period scored below 70 and redone. 

Elementary Students

PreK - Kinder Report Card

All skills in report card are observed and reported

NTO Category will be included in report card for skills that were not observed during closure

End of Year Average

Grades 1-5

Numerical average calculated at the end of year.  

Grades 1-5

Numerical Average (P) - for all students with a yearly grade above 70%

(I) Incomplete - for all students with a yearly grade lower than a 70%

Middle and High School Students


Semester/Final Exams

Semester Exam administered after every semester.

Final Exams exams administered after every cycle.

No Semester Exam for the Spring Semester 2020

No Final Exam for the 5/6 grading cycle.

Final Averages 

Grades 6 -12

Calculated at the end of each semester

Includes semester exam grade worth 1/7 of semester final average

Each cycle is worth 2/7

Spring 2020 Semester Final Average will not include a semester exam.  

Average will be shown on report card, but will not count in GPA for semester 2

AP/IB Weighted Points for qualifying AP and IB exam scores

Added for class of 2023 and beyond per EIC(LOCAL) following receipt of AP/IB score results

No change:  Added for class of 2023 and beyond per EIC(LOCAL) following receipt of AP/IB score results

GPA & Class Rank

Calculated at the end of the Grading Cycle 5

Calculated at the end of the Fall semester 

(Grading Cycle 3/Semester 1)