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11/5/20 Update: Quarter 3 Selection form

Quarter 3 Instructional Model Selection Form

We understand that families may want to change their instructional model selection of remote or face-to-face learning based on COVID-19 developments. If you would like to change your child’s instructional model for the third grading period, which begins Jan. 5, you can make a new selection next week.

Families will receive an email Nov. 9 with a link to our Quarter 3 Instructional Model Selection Form. If you do not have an email address on file with the district, you will receive a postcard in the mail. The deadline to submit your new selection is Friday, Nov. 13.

If you would like your student to remain in their current instructional model, you do not need to submit a form.

 Questions? Email or call 972-494-8255. 

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