Digital citizenship guidelines for families

Common Sense Curriculum

Media balance & well-being

K-5 6-12 “We find balance in our digital world”

  • Follow recommended times from lesson plans, contact the teacher if learning is extending beyond the recommended time.

Privacy & security

K-5 6-12 “We care about everyone’s privacy.”

  • In this time of fully online learning, it is important to keep your identity safe online.

  • Also, be mindful of logging out of district systems, such as Skyward, Google Classroom, and Seesaw, when using a shared computer.
  • Keep your device secure.

Digital footprint & identity

K-5 6-12 “We define who we are.”

  • Share your homeschool wins/successes using the #GISDAlwaysConnected

Relationships & communication

K-5 6-12 “We know the power of words and actions.”

  • Keep consistent communication avenues with teachers through GISD email and Seesaw (K-2).

Cyberbullying, digital drama, & hate speech

K-12 “We are kind and courageous.”

News & media literacy

K-5 6-12 “We are critical thinkers and creators.”

  • Review information sent to you by an organization you are connected with. This can include:
  • Accessing information from these resources will help you be aware of updates that affect your workplace and/or child’s schooling.