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District Calendar Committee

Committee Type: 
District Level Opportunities
Committee Purpose: 

Develop the calendar proposal for the next school year for Board review and approval.

Frequency of Meetings: 

Meets during fall semester.

Committee Makeup: 

Parents, principals and representatives from several district departments, including communications, transportation, curriculum, professional development and student services. High school juniors and seniors from the Superintendent's Student Advisory Council are also consulted.

Committee Members: 

Brian Abbett
Babetta Hemphill
Kim Klakamp
Jed Reed
Patty Bateman
Tiffany Veno
One Area Director Representative
PTA Member from Golden Meadows
Rachel Brown (Schrade MS)
PTA member Schrade
Ray Merrill (Sachse HS)
PTA member Sachse
Jackie Davis (Walnut Glen Academy, ATPE representative)
Carlos Reza (South Garland HS, TSTA representative)


Mida Milligan
Executive Director of Communications & Public Relations