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District Educational Improvement Council (DEIC)

Committee Type: 
District Level Opportunities
Committee Purpose: 

The goal of this committee is to improve student learning through an advisory capacity to the Superintendent and School Board. The committee reviews student achievement data, approves the district's staff development calendar, hears requests for campus/district waivers following state guidelines, hears updates on programs and other items of educational interest. 

Frequency of Meetings: 

Six times per year from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Committee Makeup: 

Three Parent Representatives
Three Community Members (non-parents)
Three Business Representatives
One Classroom Teacher from every campus
Twelve Campus-based Non-teaching Professional Personnel (six elementary, three middle school, and three high school level)
Four District-level Non-teaching Professional Staff
Two Paraprofessionals

Committee Members: 

Parent Representatives:
Kindralyn Loff
Melanie Kircus
Greg Kircus

Community Members:
Dr. Kemp-Graham
Bari Woolley
Larry Walker

Business Representatives:
Kathy Perez
Jennifer Truax
Ariel Boone


Dr. Kimberly Cadell
Director of Research, Assessment & Accountability