English Language Learners

The Department of English Language Learners (ELL) offers several instructional program models in second language acquisition, facilitating the opportunity for students to master essential knowledge and skills while acquiring a second language.

Our mission

We value and promote the rich linguistic diversity of students, foster the growth of English language learners, and build district capacity with a shared responsibility for the development of multilingual, culturally competent and globally prepared students.

Our vision

A school culture that values and preserves the diverse linguistic backgrounds and identities of students with intercultural support systems to provide equitable and inclusive educational opportunities for all.

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Mailing address

Garland Independent School District
P.O. Box 469026
Garland, TX 75046-9026


Employee Position
Zaida Saldivar Director
Angelia Johnson Administrative Assistant
Melissa Carriaga Elementary Coordinator
Thalia Gonzalez Administrative Assistant
Ivonne Acuña Elementary Bilingual Specialist
Letty Arthur Elementary Bilingual Specialist
Ingrid Fleury Elementary Bilingual Specialist
Dr. Julie Xu Elementary Bilingual Specialist
Deb Tietjen Secondary Coordinator
Zaira Martinez Administrative Assistant
Tiffini Langston Secondary Specialist
Xelina Welsh Secondary Specialist
Sheila Sudderth Social Worker
Diana Pecorino Compliance Coordinator
Maureen Hallman Administrative Assistant
Tiffany Gruber Compliance Specialist
Bret Gosselin Sheltered Instruction Facilitator
Isabel Becerra Sheltered Instruction Specialist
Claudia Ramos Sheltered Instruction Specialist
Sofía Núñez Parent Engagement Facilitator
Suly Guerrero Parent Engagement Aide
Margaret Rutaquio Newcomer Facilitator
Sarai Dominguez Newcomer Aide
Melissa Tavares Lozano Aide Parent Engagement Title III