FACE continues work to develop partnerships, increase engagement

In an effort to create family, college, business and community organization partnerships that establish avenues to vault student success, Garland ISD introduced the Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Department in 2015-16.

Uniting staff who specialize in engagement initiatives, you may recognize its members and even some of the programs. But, FACE provides a one-stop-shop for parent education, volunteering, etc. The longtime Parents as Teachers Program offers home visits, health screenings, learning activities and more to families with children five years old and younger. A monthly workshop series and school-based mentoring program also provide parenting advice.

“Our goal is to provide a theoretical framework of Family and Community Engagement,” said Director Ramona Aguilar. “We have also designed professional development, parent workshops and a toolbox accessible to campus staff.”

The district’s Strategic Plan—developed by students, staff, parents and community members—calls for increased partnerships to enhance student success. And FACE continues its work to do just that. 

Visit the Parents and Volunteer pages on the district website to view more Family and Community Engagement opportunities.