Farm-to-school programs

Our school cafeterias are giving students the opportunity to enjoy nutritious food grown locally. The Farm Fresh Friday and Harvest of the Month programs take place to support healthy lifestyle habits and teach students about agriculture and the local farms their foods come from.

Farm Fresh Friday

The Texas Department of Agriculture created the Farm Fresh Friday initiative to connect Texans all across our state to agriculture and our local farmers and ranchers.  The Farm Fresh goal is to increase awareness of the integral role agriculture plays in our lives and improving wellness in our community.  Every Friday, our cafeterias will feature a Texas-grown menu item.

When students make the Farm Fresh choice they support the hardworking producers across our state and help improve the local economy.

Harvest of the Month

Each month a different locally grown fruit or vegetable option is available in our cafeterias. We hope to increase the number of fruits and vegetables that students are eating.

zucchini and beetsTexas Turnips

Turnip is a type of root vegetables that belongs to the mustard family. It originates from Europe. There are 30 domesticated varieties of turnip that can be found around the world today. Turnip grows in areas with cold climate, on fertile, well-drained soil, exposed to direct sunlight.

Turnip is rich source of dietary fibers, Vitamins C and potassium. Leafy part of the plant contains more nutrients compared to the root. Leaves are rich source of vitamins B6, E, K, A and C and minerals such as calcium, copper, iron and manganese. 100g of fresh root contain only 28 calories. Turnip has sweet, peppery, radish-like taste. Young roots have milder taste and crunchy, juicy texture. Turnip can be used for the preparation of soups, casseroles and dishes made of meat. Young root can be consumed fresh, in the form of salads. The leaves of the turnip taste like mustard greens. They can be cooked and consumed like spinach or used fresh in salads. Substances isolated from turnip can prevent development of certain types of cancer, cardiovascular and ocular disorders.