Fire Reel Film Festival

Fire Reel Film Festival 20/20 Perfect Vision with film reel inside the shape of an eye

Participate in our Fire Reel Trivia Contest and you may win a prize.

The GISD Fire Reel Film Festival 2020 “Perfect Vision” is the opportunity for GISD students to show us their vision with the perfect video creation. The Fire Reel welcomes entries from all GISD students and classes who have what it takes to see their project through to completion.

There are no video time limits. A message clearly told in 10 seconds can be just as compelling as a 4 hour mini series. Grab your camera, cell phone or recording device of your preference and let the good times roll!

This year’s categories include:
Documentary/PSA - (Public Service Announcement)
Cooking show
Broadcast Journalism: Video Announcements
The Weekend Challenge
New - “Double Vision” with two 2020 weekend opportunities

Complete details can be found in the 2020 Fire Reel Film Festival Handbook.