Fire Reel Film Festival

Fire Reel Film Festival 20/20 Perfect Vision with film reel inside the shape of an eye


Our GISD Fire Reel Film Festival 2020 is the GISD student’s opportunity to share their perfect vision of their favorite subject using video. Entries are encouraged and welcome from all current GISD students and classes with the burning desire and determination to make an epic film. There are no video time limits; A story well told in 10 seconds can be equally compelling as a 4-hour movie event. Select your video camera, cell phone or the recording device of your choosing and let the good times roll!

This year’s festival categories include:

  • Animation
  • Drama
  • Documentary/PSA - (Public Service Announcement)
  • Comedy
  • Cooking show
  • Broadcast Journalism: Video Announcements
  • The Weekend Challenges - (two this year)

Complete festival details are in the 2020 Fire Reel Film Festival Handbook linked below.