Garland ISD celebrates A/B campuses

District campuses were graded this year by the Texas Education Agency's accountability ratings system, and 100% either met or exceeded state standards. In fact, 46 Garland ISD schools earned an A or a B. Additionally, 48 campuses claimed at least one distinction designation. This is 73% of all GISD schools, which marks a 47% increase over last year. Six campuses even claimed all available distinction designations. 

The district is celebrating its top-performing campuses with special assemblies throughout October and November. The Board of Trustees and Dr. López will not only present the school a celebration banner, but students will present every campus employee a commemorative pin as well. Follow the hashtag #MadeTheGrade on social media to keep up with our A/B campus celebrations.

And, stay tuned for our 2019–20 accountability score. We’re going to put the “A” in #GarlandUSA!