Garland ISD students visit Morgan's Wonderland

For the past five years, special education students in Garland ISD have had the opportunity to travel to San Antonio and enjoy Morgan’s Wonderland, a theme park created for those with and without disabilities to come together for fun and a better understanding of one another. The theme park is completely wheelchair-accessible and includes more than 25 features including rides, playgrounds, water play elements and other attractions. A unique feature of Morgan’s Wonderland is that anyone with a special need is admitted free of charge, no questions asked.

Upon hearing about Inspiration Island, Morgan's Wonderland's new water park, Board of Trustees Assistant Secretary Larry Glick announced that he would match the amount of money raised for the trip. It is through these efforts that students from Hudson Middle School, Kimberlin Academy for Excellence, Luna Elementary School, Shugart Elementary School, Southgate Elementary School, Spring Creek Elementary School, Weaver Elementary School and Webb Middle School will be able to enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

“The goal of the trip is to show parents that they can do things with their children despite their disabilities,” explained Weaver's special education teacher Sheila McComas. “When [parents] see teenagers and young adults who are disabled and are working the park, it allows them to see that their child has a future. The comradery with other parents during the trip shows them that they are not alone.”

Inspiration Island will be exclusively open just for Garland ISD students, staff and parents May 22-24. The unforgettable trip will also include stops at El Mercado, the Riverwalk and Sea World.