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Garland Livestock, Plant, and Poultry Show Advisory Committee

Committee Type: 
District Level Opportunities
Committee Category: 
Committee Purpose: 

To offer suggestions for program improvement and expertise in the changing technologies affecting the livestock, plant and poultry production industry.
One of the major functions of this committee is to assist in the planning of the annual
Garland ISD Livestock, Plant and Poultry Show.

Committee Makeup: 

The existing committee invites new members to join the committee as program needs are identified and addressed. Committee members are invited to join based on fields of expertise.

Committee Members: 

Glenn Sesco
Larry Kennedy
Ashley Albert
Dale Mulkey
Tom Phillips
Bill Wiley
Skeeter Hall
Mike Cloud
Justin Graham
Donnie Grisham
Brent Schrade
Chad McEntee
Bob North
Ann Smith
Randy Smith
Brian Collins
Mike Scheu
Sandy Scheu
Larry Hall
Bob Duckworth
Ray Carson
Diana Chaney
David Osborne
Brad Joyce
Barbara King
Joe Skinner
George Lyons
Scott Smith
Randy Williford
Nate Fisher
Tom Cooper
Steve Bradshaw


Dr. Phillip Gilbreath
Director of Career & Technical Education