#GarlandUSA taking over the nation one success at a time

With a history of excellence dating back over 100 years, Garland ISD has long been the home of mavericks, trailblazers and winners. We are one of the nation’s best, and we want to spread the word. Join #GarlandUSA as we take the country by storm with our talented students, passionate staff, top-notch programs and amazing accomplishments. 

“This is an army that is going to change the world, starting in Garland, USA,” said Superintendent Ricardo López. “We want our students, no matter what grade they are in, to be on level or above. That’s a lot of work. That’s a high expectation. We said bring it. GISD is going to permeate throughout our three cities, DFW, the state of Texas and the nation.”

To tackle that challenge, it is essential for all students to receive a dynamic, well-rounded education. Our exclusive Choice of School program empowers families to customize their student’s education. Families can choose to attend any campus in the district, whether it’s down the street or across town. This one-of-a-kind program genuinely allows students to find their fit based on individual interests, learning styles, friends, neighborhoods, and much more.  

GISD also champions future generations by preparing them for college, careers and life through selective and innovative opportunities. Students can earn college credit for free by taking advantage of programs such as College for All and dual credit. With more than 200 Career & Technical Education courses taught by experts, high schoolers can also gain employable skills in a variety of industries. Real-world experiences are attained through multiple avenues such as project-based learning, internships and apprenticeships. And by offering special education, guidance and counseling, student nutrition, transportation, and Gifted & Talented services at all campuses, GISD educates and supports every student. 

Considering the impressive array of options and benefits, it comes as no surprise that #GarlandUSA is beyond compare. We boast countless accolades, including having a graduation rate higher than the region, state and nation. Eight of our campuses have received multiple National Blue Ribbon Schools titles, and three are AVID National Demonstration Schools. We also produce National Merit, Dell and Gates Millennium Scholarship winners. Plus, our high schools are ranked among the best by U.S. News and World Report, Niche.comand The Washington Post

Going above and beyond is the #GarlandUSA way, and the district’s extensive safety and security measures are no exception. In May 2018, Gov. Greg Abbott released the School Safety Action Plan, outlining approximately 40 strategies to enhance safety. Thanks to the generous support of our tri-cities, as well as the 2002 and 2014 bonds, GISD is ahead of the game. Our schools have telephones in every classroom, controlled access on multiple exterior doors, cameras for interior and exterior surveillance, and secured entrances. Our campuses also feature enhanced 911 notification, digital call data recording for bomb threat tracking, and PA access from every telephone for interior and exterior paging—attributes that exceed the governor’s plan. 

It’s clear that greatness abounds in #GarlandUSA. We will continue to break barriers, create waves of excellence and make history—an epic journey we’re excited to share with you and the world.

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