GISD celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

The annual celebration of Latin American and Spanish culture and influence in the U.S. kicked off Sept. 15. In Garland ISD, campuses are highlighting Hispanic Heritage Month with fun and enlightening activities. Cisneros Prekindergarten School staff showcased cultural dress while students showed off newfound knowledge during a special event Sept. 30.

The four-year-olds practiced their Spanish, wore traditional attire, performed dance routines, shared educational facts in a parade, and invited parents to check out a Hispanic Heritage Month exhibit.

“This year’s celebration was awesome,” said Assistant Principal Pamela Edwards. “We had Director of Family and Community Engagement Ramona Aguilar teach a few basic Spanish words and read a story written by a Spanish author during our televised announcements. More and more parents came to see their child perform in addition to the parade. And, we also have a ‘Hall of Fame’ displaying the many contributions of Hispanic Americans, as well as a museum.”

The museum, conveniently located in the main hallway, displays a PTA and staff-curated collection of artisan creations, culinary goods and educational material.

“Our museum displays various items, such as flags representing many Latin American countries, books written by Hispanic Americans, pots, pans, ceramics, masks and food condiments,” Edwards detailed. “At this age, our primary goal is to teach students about diversity and compassion. Although we may look different, we are all friends and should love and care for everyone and everything.”

Kindness and knowledge were on full display, bringing delight to parents and staff alike.

“Although our students are very young, they still gain a sense of pride for both where they are now and where they or their family are from,” Edwards stated. “It has been a very busy, but educational month for all.”

Visit campus websites to see what other schools have planned for the monthlong observation.