GISD continues to impact lives, increase academic success

As the district’s guiding force, the Board of Trustees and Superintendent Dr. López lead with One Goal, One Focus: to ensure all students graduate prepared for college, careers and life. GISD is continuing to achieve great academic progress despite COVID-19. During 2019-20, the district increased its percentage of students passing Advanced Placement (AP) tests. Graduation rates and accountability ratings are also on the rise. 

Providing the best in education, GISD funds all AP, IB, PSAT and SAT test administrations. Test prep programs and dual credit tuition are also covered to help ease the financial burden for our families. During 2019-20, 7,886 AP exams were administered to 4,448 students, resulting in 3,459 qualifying exam scores. Since each qualifying score can be exchanged for college credit, GISD helped students save an estimated $5.2 million in college tuition costs. In addition, AP qualifying exam scores increased by more than 5% from 2018-19, and 805 students were recognized in the 2020 AP Scholars program.

  • 510 AP Scholars 
  • 112 AP Scholars with Honors
  • 148 AP Scholars with Distinction
  • 26 National AP Scholars 
  • 5 AP Capstone Diplomas
  • 4 AP Seminar and Research Certificates

Thanks to the efforts of GISD staff and the impact of our valuable programs, the district is also on track to increase its accountability rating. The Class of 2019’s projected College, Career and Military Readiness rate is 67%, an 8% increase from the previous year. Five high schools are projected to earn A ratings as well, with two receiving B’s. GISD is also helping more students reach an important milestone in life. The Class of 2019’s graduation rate of 94% increased 2%, making it higher than the state average. 

GISD is determined to continue breaking barriers and changing lives, which is why Trustees unanimously called for a Tax Rate Election (TRE). If approved, the district’s TRE will not only provide the needed funds to continue guiding students to bright and successful futures. It will also lower the district’s property tax rate by nearly 5 cents. For this reason, GISD refers to the proposition as a Tax Reduction Election. 

The TRE will be on the last page of the upcoming November ballot. Election Day is Nov. 3, with early voting running from Oct. 13-30. 

Learn more about the district’s tax rate history in the TRE press release. For more information about registering to vote and voting locations, visit or