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GISD Council of PTAs Board

Committee Type: 
District Level Opportunities
Committee Purpose: 

Provides leadership support for Local Units (individual school PTA units)
Serves as the “umbrella” coordinating system for the locals

Frequency of Meetings: 

Board meetings are held monthly year-round except during the month of January;
Regular Council meetings are held monthly on first Wednesday of month except in January, May and when school is not in session (summer months.)

Committee Makeup: 

Five elected officers (President, Aide to President, Vice President – Programs, Secretary and Treasurer); persons holding these positions must have served on a local Board.
One person appointed by Superintendent (District Liaison)
Multiple Committee Chairmen who are individuals with an interest in the committee subject (examples: Environmental, Arts in Education, Health and Safety, Budget and Finance, Parliamentarian, Membership, etc.)

Committee Members: 

Council PTA Officers:
Malesa Rose - President
Tracey Bergfield - 1st Vice President - Aide to President
Shanae Thornton - 2nd Vice President - Programs
Patricia Duncan - 3rd Vice President - Membership
Deborah Crosby - Secretary
Kathy Parks - Treasurer
Lisa Hjelm - Parliamentarian

Council Committee Chairmen:
Autumn Ogletree - Arts & Education
Dr. Ramona Aguilar - District Liason
Katherine Rinz - Environmental
Jessica Butler - Hospitality/Resources
Francis Luna - Communications
Manny Diaz - Advocacy
Nicole Scott - Spring Luncheon
Jenny Graves - Outstanding PTA
OPEN - Family Engagement/Volunteers
Joe Luna - Scholarships
Beth Anne Mauceli - Youth Protection
OPEN - Lead PTA Coordinator