GISD Education Foundation receives $5,000 Wells Fargo donation

Showing support for innovative teaching and learning, Wells Fargo & Co. donated $5,000 to the Garland ISD Education Foundation (GEF) March 22.  GEF is committed to funding priority initiatives of the district to ensure all children in GISD receive a quality education and are prepared for their future. Funds from Wells Fargo will be used for grants and are an investment in GISD students as they prepare for college, careers and life.

 “At Wells Fargo we are deeply committed to making a positive impact in the communities we serve. We donate to a wide range of nonprofits and schools as a way to help address some of the social, economic, and environmental challenges our communities face,” said Paul Carter, district manager for Wells Fargo in Garland. “At the local level, we focus our philanthropic activities on creating long-term, strategic relationships with nonprofits and other organizations to create innovative, sustainable solutions to meet local needs. We couldn’t be prouder to be making an impact right here in Garland by contributing to this great school district.”

This donation will help the Foundation support the district’s GISD Ready: College and Career program, an ambitious initiative with a goal to develop graduates that are prepared for success in a globally competitive workforce. Each semester, GEF awards grants for innovative classroom, campus and district projects that meet goals of GISD Ready, fueling the program’s mission. This donation will allow GEF to continue providing exciting tools and resources that transform the teaching and learning experience for local students.

 “We cannot thank Wells Fargo enough for helping us turn dreams into a reality. This donation means more grants for teachers to provide exciting new learning experiences. It will support robotics and engineering programs, Spanish books for English language learners, financial literacy materials, digital summer camps, outdoor science gardens, quadcopters, 3-D printers and so much more. Wells Fargo is investing not only in the future of our students, but the future of our tri-cities as well,” said Lisa Cox, GEF President.

Moreover, as part of its partnership with Wells Fargo, the Foundation will also continue implementation of “Hands on Banking” a financial literacy program where Wells Fargo team member volunteers teach students basic financial concepts as well as money management skills. The “Hands on Banking” curriculum will be provided throughout the district by Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) teachers in middle and high school.