The GISD Effect is Strong in Garland ISD

As the best school district in Texas, Garland ISD has built an enormous school and program choice system by creating innovative, unique classroom experiences where students can follow their passions and prepare themselves for the 21st-century workplace. Teachers, administrators and staff contribute to GISD's excellence by reshaping the lives of our students, which in turn has a positive impact on our thriving GISD community.

We are GISD. We are all connected to something bigger than ourselves. The things GISD does today will have an extraordinary impact on a child's tomorrow. Every interaction, every caring moment, every lesson can positively affect our future leaders. Every day the GISD community is impacting lives and changing futures. We call this phenomenon "The GISD Effect," and we want to share our effect with families across North Texas.

The GISD Effect is a movement to share all the extraordinary things GISD is doing that impact our community. Over the lifetime of GISD, we have reshaped countless lives. For a year and a half, COVID-19 has created challenges for educators across the globe. Yet, despite the pandemic, administrators, teachers, staff and the community have risen to ensure students' success across our tri-cities. This energy and passion are all part of The GISD Effect.

Throughout the new school year, you will notice our district using #TheGISDEffect on social media, posters, T- shirts and much more. You will see our hashtag everywhere. And every time you see it, you will be reminded about the positive impact GISD has on your students, family and the community. #TheGISDEffect will draw inspiration from the effect EVERYONE has on our students and the district.

We're proud of what we have done and what we will do to have an incredible impact on students and the community. We know GISD is the best educational choice for children across the Metroplex. It is time to showcase these great experiences to allow everyone to know that we are second to none in prekindergarten through 12th-grade learning. And we will continue to take education to the next level for years to come.

Be the Impact.

Help us spread positive stories, photos and videos of our district by participating in #TheGISDEffect social media challenge!

To participate:

  1. Share positive stories, photos and videos and use the hashtag #TheGISDEffect
  2. Pay it forward—encourage and challenge your peers to participate by tagging them on social media
  3. Engage in and follow the hashtag on our social media channels

We can’t wait to see all of your submissions! We are ALL part of #TheGISDEffect.

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