GISD offers free access to digital books, news articles for all in tri-cities

As part of Garland ISD’s Literacy for Life mission to develop a culture of readers, GISD has introduced a historic online platform to offer all community members free access to more than 6,000 digital books and news articles in multiple languages. We are proud to announce the launch of our first-of-its-kind myON community website.

GISD and myON partnered in 2019-20, making #GarlandUSA the only district in North Texas to offer students and community members 24/7 access to a digital library. Students were encouraged to participate in monthly reading challenges, winning awesome prizes such as a Kindle Fire, pizza parties and more. Last year, over 974,000 books were accessed by Garland ISD students who read an impressive 23.7 million pages and over 8.9 million minutes. 

While students had accounts that allowed unlimited access to personalized, age-appropriate books and news articles, community members could only check out digital prints in general. Now, anyone who lives in Garland, Rowlett or Sachse can use both myON Books and myON News, as well as a feature to customize reading material.

Users will be able to individualize their experience by saving books and articles in their free account, which has cool tools like a read-aloud feature. Books are available in English and Spanish, an attribute that leads to brilliant family learning opportunities. Students and parents have reported an improvement in English and/or Spanish language skills by reading or listening to books on myON. 

District leadership is committed to establishing community-focused initiatives like Literacy for Life to support the enrichment of our tri-cities. The Board of Trustees recently unanimously called a Tax Rate Election (TRE) that would impact students, families, staff, businesses and homeowners in Garland, Rowlett and Sachse. If approved, the district’s TRE will provide needed funds to continue providing academic resources like myON. The proposition will also lower the district’s property tax rate by nearly 5 cents, which is why GISD refers to its TRE as a Tax Reduction Election.  

We encourage all in our tri-cities to learn more about our Tax Reduction Election at We also invite every community member to take advantage of myON by creating a free account today on GISD’s myON community website.