GISD Ready

The GISD Ready initiative transforms teaching and learning to ensure we meet the needs of 21st-century learners and that graduates are prepared for success in a globally competitive workforce.

What does it mean to be a 21st-century learner?

The 21st-century learner is a critical thinker with technology and literacy skills who communicates, collaborates, adapts and perseveres.

What are the goals?

The GISD Ready initiative aims to:

  • personalize instruction to each student’s unique needs, abilities and interests
  • show students how to use technology to enhance education
  • provide consistent, student-centered curriculum with real-world connections
  • ensure equity of digital resources
  • emphasize the importance of digital citizenship
  • create collaborative learning environments
  • prepare students with skills needed to succeed in college and careers

Our Ready 1:1 program is helping us meet these goals by transforming teaching and learning in the classroom.

Working together for a common goal

This initiative brings departments and schools together across the district to ensure education is an engaging and relevant experience.

In order for this initiative to be successful, we must transform:

  • curriculum
  • instruction
  • assessment
  • budget
  • infrastructure
  • policies and procedures
  • facilities
  • communications/community engagement
  • organizational learning

Ready Rising Stars

This video series showcases classroom activities across the district that demonstrate our Ready initiative in action.

Ready Rising Stars video playlist