GISD Ready Wi-Fi Partners

GISD Ready logoIn September, 2016, we began distribution of over 17,700 iPads to high school students. In 2017 another 7,300 iPads will be distributed to middle school students. We want to extend students ability to connect to the internet and digital resources after they leave their school network. That’s where the GISD Ready Wi-Fi Partner initiative becomes a powerful community partnership.

GISD Ready Wi-Fi Partners will be advertised on our Community Wi-Fi page where students and their families can reference a list of participating Ready Wi-Fi partners. Additionally, community Wi-Fi partners will receive a GISD Ready Wi-Fi Partner sticker to display at their business to make them easily identifiable to patrons.  Local businesses can become a GISD Ready Wi-Fi Partner by simply providing students free access to their businesses current Wi-Fi system.

We are already receiving requests from local businesses who wish to participate in the Ready Wi-Fi Community Partner program. It is a winning strategy for GISD students, businesses and local community.

Interested in participating?

If you have any questions regarding the Wi-Fi Partners program, please email or call 972 487-4962.

If you would like to directly apply to become a GISD Ready Wi-Fi Partner, please use the button below and fill our the electronic form.

I'm ready to be a Wi-FI partner