GISD's TIS team impacting school translation and interpretation across state

In true Garland ISD fashion, the district's Translation & Interpretation Services team is leading the way to make an impact statewide. GISD recently hosted the second annual Summit on School-Related Translation & Interpretation. As the only one of its kind, the event marked an opportunity for Texas public school professionals to meet and discuss the thriving world of translation and interpretation.

“Translating and interpreting in public schools play a vital role in student success. Our industry doesn’t have any school-specific statewide organizations or conferences to help us hone our skills. Therefore, a small group of district translation and interpretation professionals formed a brainstorming session last year,” said GISD Facilitator of Translation & Interpretation Maria Floyd. “We work hard and set high standards in Garland ISD—which is why I volunteered to host and aimed to create an enlightening and impressive event.”

Floyd and GISD Interpreter and Translator Hazel Rodriguez planned a fun-filled event, inviting peers from districts near and far. Representatives from several ISDs, including Cypress-Fairbanks, Dallas and Irving, were able to network and learn from featured presenters. Translation & Interpretation Network’s Fabio Torres touched on current laws and regulations for limited English proficiency school settings. He also highlighted the importance of eliminating language disparities by providing job opportunities to newcomers in our community. Metroplex Interpreters and Translators Association’s Carol Shaw discussed school interpretation from a parent’s point of view, stressing the importance of research and careful word selection. Rosario “Charo” Welle, a multi-industry translator, editor and proofreader, ended the day by showcasing methods and resources to help produce flawless translations.

“Based on the feedback I’ve received, GISD hit it out of the park,” Floyd stated. “We plan to meet in a different district every year, learn from each other and expand our reach. My ultimate goal is that we set best practices and standards for translations and interpretations in Texas public schools.”

And with trailblazers like Floyd and Rodriguez at the forefront of this movement, there’s no doubt GISD will leave its mark in school translation and interpretation history.