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GISD/Taiwanese Student Ambassador Program


We are proud to partner with the Greater Dallas Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce to provide a yearly student exchange between Garland ISD high schools and NanKan High School in Taoyuan City, Taiwan. Through an immersive exchange of U.S. and Taiwanese culture and lifestyle, the program provides a memorable international experience for participating host families and students.

Program timeline

Exchange students alternate travel every other year in October (NanKan) or November (Garland ISD). The schedule below outlines possible hosting and travel dates. 

Taiwanese Students Visiting GISDGISD Students Visiting Taiwan
October 21-30, 2020 (postponed) 
October 2021 (information coming soon)November 2022 (information coming soon)
October 2023 (information coming soon)November 2024 (information coming soon)

Hosting an exchange student

Host families needed

We are currently seeking families to host high school-age Taiwanese exchange students for approximately 10 days in October 2021. If your family is interested in participating, please fill out the host family interest form and someone from the Garland ISD Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment will contact you for more information.

Being a host family is a wonderful experience that enriches the lives of all involved. By accepting a foreign exchange student into your home, you have opportunities to learn from one another and build lasting relationships between Taiwan and the U.S. 

Hosting expectations

While GISD and the Taiwanese Chamber will provide activities during the day, host families are expected to provide nightly meals and encouraged to expose exchange students to a variety of American cultural experiences. There are a few days in the schedule where host families will have the opportunity to spend the entire day with their students. During this time, we encourage families to bond through a variety of activities such as going to a high school football game, seeing a movie, visiting a mall, or experiencing Texas BBQ.

Host families are expected to cover the cost of evening meals and any family activity/entertainment for up to ten days.

Frequently asked questions

What are the requirements to become a host family?

Host families must have a high school age child enrolled in a Garland ISD school.

What is the expected time commitment?

Families should expect to host between 9-11 days. Host families drop off students at approximately 8:30 a.m. each morning and pick them up at approximately 4:30 p.m. each afternoon. There are a few days in the schedule where host families have the opportunity to spend the entire day with their exchange students.

See a sample schedule.

What about the language barrier?

Most students have taken several months or more of English coursework. You shouldn’t find language to be an issue.

What are the benefits?

Host families not only learn about the Taiwanese lifestyle from exchange students, they also have the opportunity to experience it when GISD travels to Taiwan the following year.

Student travel to Taiwan

To become a Garland ISD student ambassador and to be eligible to travel to Taiwan, students must first host a Taiwanese exchange student the year prior to their anticipated trip. Student ambassadors will then be able to travel to Taiwan in the following year. Learn more about hosting a Taiwanese exchange student.

Travel costs

Garland ISD students traveling to Taiwan can expect to cover the cost of their airfare, which is approximately $900 round trip. Fundraising opportunities play a key role in assisting families with this cost.


Donations toward hosting and travel costs are accepted. Please contact the Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment for more information. 


For more information, please contact the Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment.