Goal 2: Focus on students, families and community

Strategic targets

We will create and maintain ongoing partnerships including families, businesses, higher education institutions and community organizations.

We will have multiple opportunities for families to be engaged in their children's education.

We will provide effective and timely communication among all stakeholders.

We will ensure a welcoming, positive and respectful school culture to promote the highest level of student achievement and growth.

We will provide a safe and secure environment for all students, staff and guests.

Key strategic measures

  • Discipline
  • Attendance
  • Student, parent and community engagement
  • External customer service
  • Community satisfaction
  • Student satisfaction
  • Parent satisfaction
  • Communication
  • Percentage of students, staff and parents feeling safe in schools and workplaces


Strategy 2.1: Develop, maintain and promote systems and procedures for volunteerism.

Strategy 2.2: Define and develop a system to recruit and maintain partnerships.

Strategy 2.3: Develop and conduct systemic customer service training with accountability.

Strategy 2.4: Define, develop and deploy a clear, consistent district wide student discipline and behavior management system.

Strategy 2.5: Develop and implement effective internal communication processes.

Strategy 2.6: Develop and implement effective external communication processes.

Strategy 2.7: Develop districtwide communication guidelines for all staff.

Strategy 2.8: Create and conduct an annual student and family survey that includes safety and security.