Goal 3: Focus on operational excellence

Strategic targets

We will ensure all district systems and key processes are defined, implemented and measured for best practice.

We will provide support services that are efficient, effective and customer-focused to meet the needs of all students, staff and families.

We will provide a safe and secure environment for all students, staff and guests.

We will use department scorecards to ensure data-driven decision-making for systemic improvement planning.

We will use technology to enhance the educational process for optimal efficiency, effectiveness and results.

Key strategic measures

  • Percentage of departmental scorecards and processes that are deployed
  • Percentage of auxiliary departments' customer-focused support
  • Percentage of students, staff and parents feeling safe in schools and workplaces
  • Percentage of deployed, integrated and reliable technology systems


Strategy 3.1: Create and deploy two-five written key processes per department.

Strategy 3.2: Create and conduct beginning of year, middle of year and end of year department scorecards and plans including timelines and procedures.

Strategy 3.3: Create and conduct an annual student and family survey that includes safety and security.

Strategy 3.4: Improve the current work order process.

Strategy 3.5: Create a dashboard for department systems.