Goal 4: Focus on employees and organizational improvement

Strategic targets

We will utilize a comprehensive Human Resources system that ensures and supports high quality staff at all campuses and departments.

We will have professional development expectations and opportunities that are aligned with district and campus goals, job specific and individualized for enhanced employee effectiveness.

We will value, recognize and appreciate all employees for their work supporting students in order to foster high staff morale.

We will monitor and facilitate a competitive compensation structure to attract and retain diverse, qualified employees.

Key strategic measures

  • Competitive salaries and benefits for all job categories in Metroplex and comparable districts
  • Retention rate of employees
  • Staff satisfaction surveys
  • Diverse staffing reflective of enrollment
  • Professional development surveys
  • Human Resources customer satisfaction surveys
  • Percentage of staff attendance


Strategy 4.1: Conduct an annual salary comparison with comparable and area districts.

Strategy 4.2: Develop professional development expectations by job category.

Strategy 4.3: Develop and maintain a systematic approach to receive feedback from employees.

Strategy 4.4: Research and develop a comprehensive Human Resources system.

Strategy 4.5: Establish a comprehensive professional development management system.

Strategy 4.6: Revise differentiated staffing allocations based on campus and program needs.

Strategy 4.7: Develop an employee retention program