Going the extra mile - Brian Finley

December 2019 recipient

Brian Finley, mechanical, HVAC, electrical and plumbing manager, was nominated by Ed Green, assistant director for building trades, for going above and beyond his normal duties so that campuses and district facilities are comfortable and operational for all staff, every day. With 72 campuses and 17 other district facilities, that is no small task.

This summer, in July and especially in August, Brian was instrumental in making sure GISD schools opened that first day of classes with minimal air-conditioning issues, ensuring that we welcomed back our students and families in the very best environment.

Brian has also put in countless hours working on bond related issues, coordinating and attending meetings with contractors, vendors, administrators and workers to discuss and implement the details required to correct, repair and solve issues across the district. In addition to that, Brian also keeps up with all electrical and plumbing issues district-wide while leading, supervising and performing with all departments and campuses with integrity, consistency, and expert knowledge and skills.

Brian is one of those staff members who is at work early, stays late, is always on call 24-7, checking on school and facility status from his laptop at home, responding, coming in when needed, consistently providing service and support. Over Thanksgiving break while many of us enjoyed time with family and food, Brian was at work when a generator issue in the data center at technology was compromised due to a vendor issue. Brian was there, meeting with vendors, getting a backup generator, and working over the week to avoid any data interruptions or loss. Brian was also instrumental in getting power upgrades to the Ag Barn. After a few complications, he was asked to step in, working through a process that took much coordination and oversight, but the job got done. Ed Green shared that he doesn’t know what they would do without Brian and that he is a very, very, valuable part of the team. Brian, thanks for all you do that impacts our staff and students every day!