Going the extra mile - Madison Dolph

January 2020 recipient

Madison Dolph, Pathfinder Achievement Center teacher, was nominated by principal Lacey Ajibola for going above and beyond to impact the lives of PAC students and staff.

Madison is the kind of teacher that empowers students, teaching them to have empathy for others through volunteerism and service. For example, this past October, Madison worked with students to collect 175 pairs of socks for donations. Then she took the students to The Dallas Life Foundation to donate the socks and volunteer at the facility. Madison also led a campus canned food drive, collecting over 200 cans.

Madison has also written and secured grants and donations for a school gardening project. As a result, PAC now has multiple garden plots and a composter. The students love growing their own vegetables that they then prepare and cook under Madison’ guidance. They also donate the extras to Good Samaritan to provide fresh produce for the homeless.

 These have been highly meaningful experiences for the students, and they are now eager to participate in more good deeds. They have also inspired an altruistic spirit, and for students who tend to struggle with empathy and self-efficacy, this is a really big deal.

Madison is also an instructional powerhouse. Madison’s students consistently make gains in literacy, even those in the ALE setting with cognitive challenges. Madison also mentors teachers, and she helps with weekly ELA lesson plans and curriculum for K-12 staff. That’s a lot of curriculum to know and to help others plan for.

Additionally, she cares deeply for students who need ongoing emotional support. In working with campus case workers, Madison helped to find a summer support camp for a student whose parent had passed away. She got him a scholarship and bought him clothes and transportation so he could go. As a result of being at the camp, the student is now more outspoken, laughing, and increasingly social with his peers.

 Thank you, Madison for all you do. We are thrilled to recognize you.