Going the extra mile - Rachel Fendley

September 2020 recipient

Rachel Fendley is the third-grade team lead at Kimberlin Academy for Excellence, and last year she led three new teammates to success. Rachel is adored by students, staff and the community alike, and has been named a Campus Teacher of the Year twice. 

Rachel’s teammates describe her as a phenomenal colleague and educator, a dedicated mentor and nothing short of amazing. Their nominations provide examples of how she is the go-to source for advice or answers to questions. She is also a patient instructor, guiding new teachers through their transition.

 Rachel’s impact is not only felt by her colleagues. Principal Tammy Sullivan says that she is a natural leader, involved in many campus and district initiatives. In fact, Tammy credits her with helping to make robotics a reality for Kimberlin’s third-grade students. Rachel is one of the team coaches, and ask you know, we’ve recognized Kimberlin several times for having an award-winning robotics program.

Tammy also mentioned that Rachel has been chosen to develop engaging and prescribed lessons for Kimberlin’s first-ever Intersession because she has a depth of TEKS and curriculum knowledge. Congratulations and thank you Rachel for being a true GEM.