Going the extra mile - Sharon Bradley

December 2019 recipient

The heart of true teacher is evident in her actions with students. I know of no one who exemplifies this teacher’s heart better than this GEM recipient. Sharon Bradley, Naaman Forest High School Heath Sciences teacher, nominated by Dr. Erika Crump, CTE director, is a highly respected and loved educator who has served her community throughout her 85-years-young life's journey. Her name may ring a bell as you may have seen her compelling story featured recently in both local and national news. Mrs. Bradley began her career as a nurse, working 20 years in the Parkland Hospital emergency room. She was on duty the day JFK was shot on Nov. 22, 1963.

Additionally, Mrs. Bradley served 10 years as an EMT paramedic, caring for patients after several fatal air crashes at DFW in the 80s. Fortunately for us in GISD, she found her second calling in life as a teacher, sharing her health care expertise and experiences with countless students, and has been with us for 26 years. Her students love her and soak up all that she shares with them. She defies the generation gap and has meaningful relationships with teenagers, making a positive impact on their lives today and in the future so that they, in turn, will compassionately serve others. In fact, her quick smile, empathetic response to every situation, fascinating stories, and a true love of others make her one of the most beloved educators on campus.

To add to this story of dedication and commitment, Sharon has never missed a day in the classroom in all these years, despite challenging life circumstances, including a nearby gas explosion in February requiring her to evacuate, her beloved husband passing away, and damage after October’s tornado resulting in no electricity for over a week. As she told reporters, she would much rather come to school to be here for her students than be at home; school is fun!

This incredible woman and educator has inspired many students, staff and the community with her can-do attitude and unflappable character.