Going the extra mile - Yolanda Walker

November 2019 recipient

Anyone who has worked at a campus knows that our paraprofessionals are vital to our campus success and operations. Yolanda Walker, Applied Learning Environment paraprofessional from Daugherty, is an exemple of that. She was nominated by Daugherty PE teacher Coach Don Koerner for going above and beyond to lead her classroom while the school searched for a new teacher during the first six weeks of school. Ms. Walker made sure that the class ran smoothly and children stayed busy and on task with learning. She created art projects, games, and a variety of lessons for the students so that they were engaged and active. Although there was a substitute in the class, Yolanda stepped in to help and took on these added responsibilities, demonstrating strong leadership skills, in addition to instructional know how. Because of her, student IEPs were followed with fidelity, and teaching and learning were on track while the campus searched for a new teacher. And she did all of this with a caring, kind and loving heart for the students.

According to Daugherty principal Dr. Bonnie Barrett, Yolanda is a dedicated and valued staff member. She enthusiastically involves herself in all aspects of the Daugherty school community.  In addition to working with classroom students, Yolanda also goes the extra mile to help organize and volunteer on school spirit nights, and she regularly assists with campus projects. 

We are blessed to have a person with Yolanda’s dedication and commitment in our schools.