GRCTC awarded for architectural design

An architectural gem in Garland ISD, the Gilbreath-Reed Career and Technical Center is once again gaining national notoriety. It was recently recognized in the Spring 2020 Education Facilities Design Awards edition of LEARNING BY DESIGN magazine. The GRCTC received an Outstanding Project Award for its architectural and interior design and for having next generation benchmark type design and planning features worthy of imitation.

Every year, LEARNING BY DESIGN—the premier source for education design innovation and excellence—judges, scores and grants awards based on six criteria: innovation, sustainability, interior design, next generation learning, planning and functional design, and community needs. A jury of five architects and end-users commented on the GRCTC, saying “The simple curve form of the building created unique identity and provided a less institutional/ utilitarian appearance of the facility. The organization of the spaces is legible and efficient. Nice use of interior and exterior transparency and access to natural light.”

To view the GRCTC’s feature in LEARNING BY DESIGN magazine, visit the publication's website