GRCTC students receive $10,000 grant to bring invention to life

In addition to teaching traditional subjects, Garland ISD also teaches students to build successful careers, give back to the community and change the world. The Gilbreath-Reed Career and Technical Center was recently named one of just 13 high school InvenTeams by the Lemelson-MIT Program. This designation comes with a $10,000 grant in addition to prestige.

The InvenTeam grant encourages high school students to investigate problems evident in their own neighborhoods, come together as a team to select one problem that inspires them most, and invent a technological solution to that problem. Students in the GRCTC’s practicum engineering class will create a system to sanitize firefighters’ boots to prevent the spread of communicable diseases. Their final working prototype will be showcased at EurekaFest, an invention celebration in June of 2021.

“Despite challenges this year, the students and teachers are valuing the time they have to develop as creative problem-solvers, learning science, technology, engineering, mathematics concepts — and even computer science — as they build their inventions,” said Executive Director of the Lemelson-MIT Program Stephanie Couch in a press release. “I am truly impressed by their resolve and tenacity to carry out these invention projects that will positively impact society.”

Follow the GRCTC’s progress on Twitter or through the Lemelson-MIT Program website.