Health information

Influenza (flu)

At Garland ISD we take the health of our students very seriously. As predicted, flu has been very persistent, with many students becoming ill.

The flu virus is spread from person to person contact by coughing, sneezing, or touching an item that has the flu virus on it.

Symptoms of the flu can include headache, chills, sore throat, runny nose, fever, body aches, cough, and sometimes vomiting and diarrhea.

You can assist us in preventing the spread of flu by keeping your child home when sick and getting the flu shot. Students should stay home until fever has been gone for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medications. Also encourage the importance of proper handwashing and covering of the mouth with their elbow or tissue when coughing or sneezing.

We will do our part to ensure compliance of the above recommendations, as well as implementing intensive nightly disinfection of school campuses.

The most effective way to prevent the flu is through vaccination. If your child has not been vaccinated against the flu, it is very important that you contact your health care provider or you may get the vaccine at minimal or no cost from the locations listed below:

Enrollment Center Clinic
720 Stadium Drive
Wednesdays by appointment
Fourth Monday of every month 5:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. - no appointment needed
*** Free for uninsured, underinsured, Medicaid, American Indian/Native American or Alaskan Native

The Doctor Spot
Freeman Elementary Southgate Elementary
1120 Walnut Street 1115 Mayfield
Thursdays 8:30-3:30 Fridays 8:30-3:00
***Free for uninsured or Medicaid eligible

The Garland Health Department
206 Carver Street
Monday-Friday 7:30-5:30, no appointment needed
Cost: $14/ one vaccine, $25/ two vaccines, $30/ three or more vaccines
CHIP: Copay as per Dr. Visit, Medicaid: Free
Accepts private insurance: Blue Cross Blue Shield, United, Cigna, or Humana
for instructions, questions, or concerns.

Review the following documents for important heath information. Keep in mind that the information about viruses is provided for information only and does not indicate an outbreak in our area.

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