Leader outcomes


The leader profile illustrates leader traits, characteristics and skills that are necessary to support students so they may realize the vision of success outlined in the district Strategic Plan.  Print a copy of the Leader Outcomes poster.


Establishes a collective vision that garners support and commitment from all stakeholders.

Culture Developer.Culture developer

Creates and enhances a collaborative environment conducive to teaching and learning.

Capacity Builder.Capacity builder

Assesses the organization’s abilities and plans activities aimed at increasing personnel potential.

Instructional Leader.Instructional leader

Assesses current instructional needs and provides professional development to support academic achievement.

Student Advocate.Student advocate

Uses district and community resources to ensure student, social,  emotional and academic needs are met.


Communicates specific, timely feedback to all stakeholders through a variety of media.

Community Liaison.Community liaison

Engages stakeholders in the decision-making process of the campus and actively participates in school/community events.