Legislative priorities

Do you know where your tax dollars go?

Property values went up, so schools got more money, right? Wrong. Texas public schools DO NOT receive all added revenue from increased taxes due to property value increases.

Resolution of the Garland Independent School District Board of Trustees regarding property tax relief and transparency in taxation (PDF)

Tax Transparency flyer (PDF)

Tax Transparency flyer  (HTML Text)

With the 85th session of the Texas Legislature underway, Trustees approved five Legislative Priorities during the Monday, February 13, 2017, work session. They are calling for adequate, equitable school district funding, increased support for student performance, a clear, growth-focused accountability system, a strong, viable Texas Teacher Retirement System, and flexibility for school districts. The board will share these priorities with state legislators in Austin.

Print version - Legislative Priorities (PDF)

#1 - Adequate, equitable school district funding

  • All district property taxes used for public schools NOT franchise tax relief
  • No unfunded mandates
  • Full funding for student growth
  • Full funding for all-day Pre-K for at-risk children
  • Continued funding for 
    • Quality Pre-K Grant Program
    • Instructional Materials Allotment
    • Instructional Facilities Allotment
    • New Instructional Facilities Allotment
    • Existing Debt Allotment

#2 - Increased support for student performance

  • Funding not diverted to vouchers, educational savings accounts, tax credits or tuition reimbursement
  • Equal laws, mandates and accountability system for all funding recipients

#3 - Clear, growth-focused accountability system

  • Revisions to A-F guidelines, which are easy to understand
  • Simple, consistent measurements
  • Emphasis on community-based accountability measures that provide more accurate representation of school/district performance

#4 - Strong, viable Texas Teacher Retirement System

  • Increased funding to reduce costs of TRS-ActiveCare and TRS-Care

#5 - Flexibility for school districts

  • District of Innovation, including options for school calendars and certification requirements
  • Individual Graduation Committees (TEC 28.0258)
  • Autonomous student discipline authority