Legislative priorities

With the 86th session of the Texas Legislature underway, Trustees approved Legislative Priorities during the January 22, 2019, board meeting. They are calling for state support in three areas: adequate and equitable school funding, meaningful and measurable accountability and funding for the Texas Teacher Retirement System (TRS), as well as updates to TRS-Active Care and TRS-Care options.  The board will share these priorities with state legislators in Austin.

2019 GISD Board of Trustees Legislative Priorities

State support for adequate, equitable school district funding

  • enact the recommendation of the Texas Commission on Public School Finance Working Group for Outcomes 1-3
  • all district property taxes used for public education rather than the general fund
  • state mandates to be fully funded
  • provide fair and equitable Weighted Average Daily Attendance rates between districts
  • increase the Basic Allotment
  • fund full day Pre-K program
  • state funding for public school choice programs, including transportation costs


  • comprehensive A-F guidelines
  • prioritize learning standards to provide meaningful instruction
  • simple, consistent measures

Texas Teacher Retirement System (TRS), TRS-Active Care and TRS-Care

  • increase funding to reduce costs for TRS, TRS-Active Care and TRS-Care
  • continue the defined benefit program for TRS
  • ability to opt-out of TRS-Active Care into the ERS Care system

Do you know where your tax dollars go?

Property values went up, so schools got more money, right? Wrong. Texas public schools DO NOT receive all added revenue from increased taxes due to property value increases. Watch this video to learn more about tax transparency.