Local entrepreneurs inspire Shugart students

Fifth-graders at Shugart Elementary School recently learned about African culture, entrepreneurship and fashion, thanks to a special visit. The campus welcomed Borokini and Iyabo Spears, two local designers, entrepreneurs and owners of Iyabos King and Queen Fashions in Arlington, Texas.

“It was an amazing visit,” said librarian Monica Black. “They are interested in sharing the story of African attire and how it relates to the culture of African Americans and Americans, in general. The students and faculty were very impressed with the information and presentation.”

Although the group was more than ready for the visit, students were still enthralled by the subject matter.

“Our students prepared by studying African American culture and the art of asking good questions,” Black explained. “Each session went beyond its time limit because students had more questions than time allowed.”

In addition to being captivated by the unique attire presented, students were also exposed to business practices and the importance of following one’s passion.

“They encouraged students to consider entrepreneurship as a career option. Borokini also discussed his expertise and interest in sewing and designing, and how he makes a pretty comfortable living doing that,” Black stated. “There is currently a much-needed emphasis on girls/women succeeding in male-dominated careers. But it is also important that boys/men know that they too can succeed in careers thought to be for girls/women.”